A.KRÜSS Optronic

Flame Photometers

Precise determination of the concentration of alkali and alkaline earth elements Our flame photometers combine the most advanced device electronics with modern process control. With over 300 highly precise measurements per hour, our devices achieve fast, accurate and reliably reproducible results. Their outstanding performance ensures reliable safety mechanisms as well as an intelligent user management with a transparent traceability of the data acquisition.


Reliable analysis of optically active substances Our polarimeters o.er maximum measurement levels for challenging applications in research, development, production and training. Our devices combine excellent measurement accuracy with convenient handling. Its innovative software o.ers modern interface options, an integrated user management, full network capability, a touch screen display with intuitive user guidance and sophisticated solutions for database connections.


State-of-the-art determination of the refractive index Our lab refractometers ensure highly accurate measurements of the refractive index and %Brix. They are designed to meet the requirements of a modern and digital laboratory; they are user-friendly and easy to clean. Together with our process refractometers, Abbe refractometer as well as digital and manual handheld refractometers, we o.er the right solution for any application.


Density measurement based on the oscillating U-tube principle Our digital density meters allow for an easy, fast and precise measurement of all fluid media. Due to the chemical-resistant wetted parts made of borosilicate glass and PTFE, you can also measure aggressive samp les such as acids, bases or organic solvents. In addition, our devices are characterised by their low space requirements, an intelligent user interface and the conformity with many standards.


Quality in the testing of protective gas atmospheres Our robust gas analysers meet the highest requirements for the analysis of protective gas atmospheres for the food and packaging industry. The complex sensor technology ensures reproducible best results. The determination of stable values takes place within a very short time using sophisticated technology and a minimal sample volume. The selfexplanatory, user-friendly operating menu enables a simple, menu-guided application.


Highest standards in optics and precision mechanics We build instruments that meet the high requirements on image quality, reliability and precision. Each microscope can be upgraded and converted making it a product tailored to the customer requirements. Whether high-end device, entrylevel model or robust all-rounder – A.KRÜSS microscopes are known for their excellent price-performance ratio and their proven durability.