Micro Materials

The NanoTest Vantage

The NanoTest Vantage system offers a complete range of nanomechanical and nanotribological tests in one flexible and user friendly instrument. With just one test platform a range of mechanical properties can be investigated, allowing a complete picture of material performance to be assembled. Nanoindentation (both quasi-static and dynamic) Nano-impact and fatigue Nano-scratch and wear Nano-fretting Control environmental conditions to assess true 'in-service' properties Material properties can vary greatly in response to the local environmental properties. The NanoTest Vantage is the only instrument which allows researchers to characterise and optimise their materials under the following range of conditions: High temperature nanoindentation, nanoscratch and nanoimpact to 850 ?C Low temperature nanoindentation and nanoscratch to -20 ?C With sample and probe immersed in liquids In reduced oxygen/ purged conditions Under controlled humidity levels

NanoTest Xtreme

Suitable for investigating the effect of more extreme environments than ever before for: Low oxygen, low temperatures for satellite development High temperatures for aerospace engine components High temperatures for power station steam pipes Irradiation effects in nuclear reactor cladding The effect of cold on weld repairs in oil/gas pipelines Tool coatings for high speed machining Test temperatures from -100 to 1000 ?C Micro Materials has considerable experience in providing instruments capable of high and low temperature testing. Until recently, the limitations of these have been oxidation at high temperatures and condensation/frosting at sub-zero temperatures. Testing under vacuum negates these and allows further expansion of the temperature capabilities of the NanoTest.