Moving Die Rheometer- MDR 3000 BASIC

ISO 6502 ASTM D 5289 DIN 53529 Compact, entry model instrument for repetitive quality control testing as well as simple R&D applications.

Moving Die Rheometer - MDR 3000

ISO 6502 ASTM D 5289 DIN 53529 High-end instrument for QC and static R&D testing for a broad range of materials (from LSR, all kinds of elastomers to composite materials).

Mooney Viscosimeter-MV 3000 BASIC

ISO 289:2005 ASTM D 1646 DIN 53523 BS 903: Part 58 AFNOR T43-00/005 BS 1673 GOST 10722-76 JIS K6300 TGL 25-689 A rotational shear viscometer according to Mooney for performing Viscosity tests (ML / MS 1+X), Stress Relaxation testing, Mooney Scorch, Delta Mooney testing on polymers as well as rubber compounds for quality control, research and development applications.


The laboratory bale cutter CP 3000 provides the most convenient solution to cut and slice polymers bales, blocks and rubber sheets. Fitted with a two-hand safety operation system, optional automatic knife cover and feeding tunnel the unit provides utmost operator convenience meeting highest safety standards.

Laboratory press- VP 3000

The MonTech VP 3000 and LP 3000 are specifically designed for rubber applications and have evolved into the international standard in laboratory presses in the rubber industry.