what is EL3?

The system boasts megapixel and 30fps HDSDI digital readout, and 35mm HD Quartz lens with 20 bandpass filters and HD SSD recording.There are standard mode, enhancing mode, and nega mode for UV image capturing. These images are directely processed by DSP inside the camera.


ST-35UV a new  35mm 1:3.0 Apo Macro high performance UV-VIS-IR lens for forensics, science, and fine art in CS or C Mount, covers a wavelength range of 200-1100nm.

This lens sports an advanced floating element design for excellent close-up reproduction up to 1:1.5 magnification and consists of 8 lens elements. The chroatic error in the
200-1100nm range is virtually zero. The design covers a one inch  format which would make it suitable for most of the UV capable cameras in the market.

1. Forensic: fingerprint imaging, documents checking
2. UV microscopy, UV laser beam diagnostics
3. Semiconductor: wafer inspection and mask alignment
4. Electronics: solder inspection, PCB inspection
5. Medical and law enforcement imaging
6. Factory Automation: leak detection, surface inspection


Chromatically corrected from 200nm to 1100nm 90% transmission from 200nm to 1100nm Macro capablity
Lens for Multispectral imaging 200-1100nm apochromatic correction floating optics made of glass/quartz/fluorite magnification from 1:1.5  to 1:3 long life all-metal construction
Slide type filters Standard 20 band pass filters provided.

Other Features

♦ No focus shift from UV through IR.
♦ Metal construction ensures long life.
♦ Filters could be changed easily by the       filter slide.
♦ More than 20 kinds of band pass filters equipped.


♦ Forensic – Fingerprint

♦ Forensic – Biometric

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