what is eviscan ?

EVISCAN has been developed and approved in cooperation with German Criminal Police Offices. This sample of German engineering offers the state-of-the-art solution for forensics to examine crime scene exhibits in an easy and efficient way. It has been awarded with several eligible prizes such as a main prize in the startup competition “IKT Innovativ” and the “red dot design award 2012”. EVISCAN is a quality product certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

EVISCAN yields faster results

EVISCAN merges all the different steps commonly made in a conventional forensic laboratory into just one digital workflow. No pretreatment of any kind is necessary, hence the need of standby times is eliminated. The automated flatscan feature identifies points of interest. A high resolution manual scan helps to zoom in on the details.
Plus, EVISCAN supports most file types for the digital output of results. Thereby, time-consuming extra steps such as photography and digitalization of the trace evidence found are no longer required.


EVISCAN guarantees health in the forensic laboratory

Most traditional methods to generate a contrast between latent prints and the substrate require numerous aids. These include respirable powders, aggressive chemicals or fumes, several of them hazardous to our health. EVISCAN instead resolves the challenges forensics face today by using sophisticated high-tech. With only some mouse clicks EVISCAN can obtain results in a purely optical scanning process. Thereby it ensures full security and control for the user.


For more than 100 years, dactyloscopy is an indispensable aid in crime solving. Since the late 19th century, fingerprints are utilized as means of identification. To detect and visualize latent traces, forensic investigators typically use a range of different techniques – including many relying on adhesives, chemicals and UV excitation. While such techniques can be highly effective, they require surfaces to be physically contacted in ways that ultimately can alter them. Altering of substrates or fingerprints, in turn, can hinder the use of other forensic technologies such as touch DNA or future innovations in fingerprint analysis.


Non-contaminative and non-invasive

EVISCAN acquires latent trace evidence with neither physical contact nor use of chemicals. The unique lab workstation combines the latest detector technology with cutting-edge software for processing digital images. Thus evidence remains available for all subsequent analyses, in its original condition and with its DNA material fully intact. And because no chemicals are involved, examinations do not endanger the health of the user.


Innovation for forensics

With EVISCAN, therefore, forensic investigators can examine objects thoroughly and still retain all other analysis options, thereby improving their chances to achieve an identification. Further, because EVISCAN no longer requires the time-consuming sub-steps of pre-treatment, exposure time and photo documentation, it reduces total processing time from hours – or even days – to just minutes. The acquired digital trace images can be immediately transferred to fingerprint databanks (e. g. AFIS) and dactyloscopic identification.

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