Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics

Digital forensics is the process of acquiring, analyzing and documenting digital evidence with the objective of disclosing facts as recorded on computer systems and electronic media. It encompasses the fields of computer forensics, mobile device forensics, imagery forensics, and network forensics.

Link Analysis

Social network and link analysis comprise powerful data analysis techniques for investigating large amounts of both structured and unstructured data concerning people and their interrelationships. It provides for the identification, analysis, and above all the visualization of complex social relations between people that could not be revealed otherwise.

Data Recovery

Data Recovery encompasses the process in which data is salvaged from corrupted digital storage media like a hard drive, network storage device, or mobile device. There are many factors that can cause the loss of company critical data. Corrupt partitions and filesystems, media errors, overwritten storage devices, or lost passwords to name just a few.

Audio Forensic

Audio Restoration : Audio Clarification and audio evidence cleanup. Sophisticated computer algorithems identify voice and non-voice content and process the noise out while enhancing the voice. Intelligability is greatly improved. Near and far speakers can then be identified. Artifacts introduced by recording and re-recording are removed. Transcriptions can be made and linked to CD copies of the final product.

Physical Security

We with our partners in providing the highest and latest technology of the Security systems:

  • Bulletproof vests at all levels.
  • Automatic gun comparison systems and the creation of a local database.
  • Explosives and narcotics remote detection systems and devices.
  • Security devices and materials for criminal laboratories.

Forensics Training

We with our partners in providing individual training courses is specifically tailored to the needs of the students. All classes are completely hands on and involve real forensic case work. We provide training in the following area:

  • Forensic Video Enhancement
  • Forensic Image Authentications
  • Forensics Voice Clarification & Authentication
  • Cellphone Forensics
  • Computer Forensics
  • JTAG & CHIP-OFF Forensics
  • Social media Forensics

Video Forensic

Video Clarification improves the visual quality of images and video. And it’s the scientific examination, comparison and/or evaluation of video in legal matters. This definition is attributed to American Academy of Forensic Science.

  • Forensic Video Enhancements
  • Image authentications
  • DVR Examination
  • Face Recognition and Comparison

LAB Design

We with our partners in providing reliable and unique digital forensics laboratory solution in furniture design, proprietary work space, acoustics and electricity control, as well as security

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