what is VMD360 ?

The VMD360 is a bench top Vacuum Metal Deposition system for fingerprint detection. Providing high quality results in less than 15 minutes, the high performance vacuum can be used for latent fingerprint development on a wide range of materials including bank notes, plastic, fabrics, glass, firearms or glossy paper. The bench top VMD has low maintenance and running costs, requiring only atomic layers of gold, zinc or silver to produce fingerprints for forensic investigation with a 3rd level detail of pores and ridge shapes.


Developed prints are able to be photographed immediately and precise control of deposition makes the VMD easy to use for DNA analysis. The compact VMD360 is the high quality solution for the forensic laboratory.

♦ Unique PLC control package to give a high degree of flexibility in operation via touch sensitive, full colour HMI screen

♦ Easy to use – One button operation for automatic chamber pumpdown and venting

♦ Precise control of deposition current to give excellent fingerprint definition

♦ Automatic vacuum pressure control for each deposition layer

♦ Easily adaptable for the evaporation of other metal sources e.g. silver, copper

♦ Low maintenance costs

♦ Forensic – Fingerprint

♦ Forensic – Biometric

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